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January 03, 2013

Stand alone books & novellas

Yesterday and Forever (time travel)

The Princess and the Pea (historical)

The Perfect Wife (historical)

Promises to Keep, The Night Before Christmas Anthology (2nd chances/time travel)

The Emperor’s New Clothes (historical)

Shakespeare and the Three Kings, Santa Paws Anthology (historical novella)

Play it Again, Sam (reincarnation)

Believe (time travel)

One Magic Moment, The Cat’s Meow Anthology (historical novella)

Paradise Bay (contemporary)

The Last Love Letter, Secrets of a Perfect Night Anthology (historical novella)


Effington Family & Friends


The Wedding Bargain

The Husband List

The Marriage Lesson

The Prince’s Bride

Her Highness, My Wife

Love with the Proper Husband

The Lady in Question

The Pursuit of Marriage

The Trouble with Charlotte (novella), The One That Got Away anthology

When We Meet Again


Victorian (2nd generation)

A Visit From Sir Nicholas

Let It Be Love


Last Man Standing Series

(connected to Effington Family and Friends)

A Little Bit Wicked

What a Lady Wants

Secrets of a Proper Lady

The Seduction of a Proper Gentleman

Lady Amelia’s Secret Lover (e-book spin-off from What A Lady Wants)


Lost City Series


Stories about the descendents of the characters in The Perfect Wife

The Virgin’s Secret

Desires of a Perfect Lady


Mistress Trio


The Perfect Mistress

His Mistress by Christmas (crossover with Wicked Family Secrets)

Portia’s Story–untitled (still to come)


Wicked Family Secrets/Hadley-Attwater family

His Mistress by Christmas

My Wicked Little Lies

The Importance of Being Wicked (crossover with Millworth Manor series)


What Happens at Millworth Manor

What Happens at Christmas

Lord Stilwell’s Excellent Engagements (e-book short)

The Importance of Being Wicked (crossover with Wicked Family Secrets)



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Where in the world is Victoria-Location #4

October 15, 2012

This was absolutely my favorite place.

We were here for a week and shared an apartment with some friends from home.

View from the window.

  The streets were all up and down.




We met the nicest people. So friendly and kind to visitors trying and failing to speak their language.

We had a lot of deer in the headlights looks when people thought we knew what they were saying.











And as you can see, from pici pasta to wild boar the food was amazing.


            But the scenery and the architecture and the town itself was nothing short of breathtaking.


Like a fairy tale.




Okay, this is the last location. On Tuesday, Oct. 15th I’ll post on facebook around noon central time asking for the game answers. the first person to post the correct locations in the right order (Location #1, Location #2, etc.) wins the game. Good luck!!! (Oh yeah, please don’t reply here. Comment on facebook please. Thanks!)

Have a comment for Victoria? Send her an email or talk to her on facebook at Victoria Alexander's Place.

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